Fastlink is the easiest way to give your customers the opportunity to buy a public transit ticket.

We recommend to use the Mobility Wallet with Fastlink, but you can also use your own Ticket APP.

Step 1 - Create an Account on Fastlink

Go to and click on Sign-up / Login.

Step 2 - Create your Referral Link

Click on Create NEW Link.

We recommend to create a Test link for implementation first.

With the Test link you can pay and test the integration without any real cost

Step 3 - Configure your Link

In order for the link to work, an API key and the products to be sold are required.

Select your Test API Key for Test link and Live Key for a Live link

At last you have to select the products which should be available for selection.

Step 4 - Implement the Link on your Site

Now you can use the link on your page to let your customers buy a ticket.

You can find Examples here