The Mobilitybox API is a one-stop solution for accessing public transit data and booking tickets in Germany.

With our API, you can easily retrieve information about schedules and fares for public transportation services in Germany, such as trains, buses, and subways. Additionally, you can use our API to book tickets for these services and display them in your app. This documentation will provide all the information you need to get started using our API, including details about authentication, available endpoints, and everyday use cases. We hope that the Mobilitybox API will make it easier for you to integrate public transit information and ticketing into your applications and make it more convenient for your users to access this data. Thank you for choosing the Mobilitybox API!

If you have found a bug or have any further suggestions, please email us at [email protected]. We appreciate your feedback!


How to authenticate with our APIs.

Ticketing Components

With our Ticketing Components, everyone can sell public transit tickets with little effort.

Ticketing API

With Ticketing API, you can provide public transit tickets for your users.

Transit API

With Transit API, you can access data on public transport in Germany.