Ticket Data storing strategy

Changes in our Ticket storing strategy

With API V6 there is an update to our data storage strategy aimed at enhancing the functionality and reliability of our ticketing system, particularly regarding native wallet integration with platforms such as Google and Apple Wallet.

What changed?

Previously, our data storage strategy involved deletion of ticket data after the ticket was downloaded. However, to provide a more seamless and robust experience, we have decided to overhaul this approach. Moving forward, we will no longer delete ticket data from our system immediately after downloading. Instead we will keep the data saved until one month after the ticket expiration date.

NOTE: This affects only tickets which are ordered/reordered/restored in API V6 or higher. Tickets which was ordered in previous API versions will get deleted after downloading them as before.


To uphold the highest standards of data security and privacy, all retained ticket data will be encrypted using industry-standard encryption algorithms. This encryption ensures that sensitive information remains protected against unauthorized access or data breaches.

Action Required

As a user of our ticketing system, no action is required on your part. You can continue to use our API as usual, with the assurance that your ticket data will be securely stored and readily accessible. That means that it is possible to download the ticket data more than once with the ticket id received from activation/reactivation of the coupon.


The adoption of this updated data storage strategy underscores our commitment to delivering a reliable, secure, and user-friendly ticketing experience. By retaining ticket data indefinitely and encrypting it for added security, we aim to elevate the functionality and accessibility of our ticketing system, ensuring a seamless experience for all users.