The Mobilitybox makes it easy to access public transport data all over Germany.

Key features include the fast provision of departure times, quick search of stations by name or the lookup of stations by geolocation. You can find the details of the Mobilitybox via the API Documentation menu. Examples that are powered by the Mobilitybox are collected in the Examples menu. To get started, create a free account.

If you have found a bug or have any further suggestions, please email us at [email protected]. We appreciate your feedback!

3 Steps to first API-Call

  1. Create your free Account
    Login with GitHub Sign-up with E-Mail

  2. Grab your API-Key

  3. Curl your first request
              curl "https://api.themobilitybox.com/v4/transit/stations/search_by_name.json?query=Stachus" \
              -H "accept: application/json" \
              -H "Authorization: Bearer ---LOGIN_OR_REGISTER_FOR_FREE_TO_INSERT_TRANSIT_API_KEY_HERE---"

    Next: Check out the examples for your first working application.