How to sell public transit tickets in 4 simple steps

In this short tutorial you will learn how to integrate public transit tickets in your app.

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Step 1 - Define your area and select products

All areas where tickets are available can be selected by name, by coordinates or through a visualisation on a map.

ticket selection image
        curl "" \
        -H "accept: application/json" \

You will get the same 4 ticket-types for all available areas.

You receive the 4 same ticket-types in every area. We provide you with all regionally specialised tarif information in a standardized way for display to the user.You choose one of them simply based on area and ticket-type. Here: „area: Bonn“ & „ticket-type: day-pass-adult

Step 2 - Order a Ticket

You order a product by its ID from your backend. We return a Coupon-Object. A Coupon is comparable to a public transit-ticket, that has not been activated („entwertet“) yet.

order product image
        curl -X POST "" \
        -H "accept: application/json" \
        -H "Authorization: Bearer ---LOGIN_OR_REGISTER_FOR_FREE_TO_INSERT_API_KEY_HERE---" \
        -H  "Content-Type: application/json" -d "{\"product_ids\":[\"mobilitybox-product-37ff65b7-081f-46b7-9f39-5fcf68e100e6\",\"mobilitybox-product-dab84e4a-85d1-4ad6-b7b0-296f34274a20\"],\"optional_order_reference\":\"My reference\"}"

Step 3 - Transfer the coupon to user

You send the coupon to your user app.

coupon transfer image

This can be done

  • as attachment to the user-account
  • as part of a guest book for a booking
  • as deep-link
  • as push-notification
  • ...

Step 4 - MobilityboxSDK

Your Mobile App includes the MobilityboxSDK, to which it passes the Coupon.

coupon transfer image

You just need to pass the coupon ID to the SDK.Things like ticket-activation, ticket-personalisation and rendering for ticket-inspection are handled by the MobilityboxSDK.

Ticket Activation

Ticket Activation is done by the user in your Mobile App.

ticket activation image